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Learn How You Too Can... Build A Lasting  Heavenly
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Author / Inspirational - Faith Motivator
Retired Clinical Christian Counselor
 A Friend Next Door
Publisher of Womeninc Magazine
Program Coordinator POHCI
Kim has been on the 700 Club, the Harvest Show, hundreds of  radio station and spoke on may stages across the US. 
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 Are YOU:

You are not alone... other women Just like you and me have suffered with these same challenges...


We have all been misled into believing junk that is not true...

Join others just like you who are learning  that...


Set yourself up to succeed:    Be with like minded Christian Women daily sharing their Wisdom with one another using scripture to fight against the cultural misbeliefs that rob so many of us from what God designed us to have naturally from HIM!
Gather privately at our ongoing online CELEBRATION (membership site) with like-minded women inspiring to have a God given Heavenly Confidence.  It's our little gathering place to talk about and share our fears, doubts and challenges all while encouraging and inspiring one another with love and acceptance.

A private members area so we can talk honestly about the issues facing you and me today.  Like the "silly thoughts" we have, the fears you and I face, the doubts we tell ourselves, and the unnecessary, "should's" we put on ourselves.  Not to mention the shame we have buried deep inside that continues to show up with a recking ball attitude of sadness, anxiety and bad behavior.  

A gather place where faith-minded women like you can share your aha's and discoveries from scripture to find real solutions together for our modern day issues.  This gathering place is to help you feel supported and not alone while you discover your solutions, while at the same time others are discovering theirs!

Women of Heavenly Confidence International (a non-denominational Christian group of Women) founder Kim Reutzel invites you to become one of our Charter members today.  This means for a short time WOHCI is offering an entry level price... by purchasing your membership now you will always keep this low charter membership price for as long you continue the membership.  It is our way to say Thank You for supporting yourself and others from the very beginning of our movement to inspire love, compassion and acceptance to others and ourselves alike.   Together we will make a difference in each other and the world!

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Notice to subscribing members: this group is by no means met to replace professional Help. We highly recommend to all subscribers to seek professionally trailed health providers & clergy for their issues. 
About Kim:

Publisher- Biblical Teacher/Life Coach- Speaker- Writer 

Kim is the former president and founder of Inspiration for Women Ministries, a non-profit/non-denominational Pastoral counseling center. She is a retired Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor and holds a Master of Arts in Clinical Christian Counseling from Cornerstone University. 

Disclaimer: Kim is not a state Licensed Counselor, Therapist or Marriage counselor nor claims to be any of the such but is a biblical Teacher using scripture to encourage. 

Kim wrote, “Kissing and Cooking for Couples,” which quickly became a bestseller, Your Journey to Jewels and the Power of Heavenly Confidence Program. She has been featured on the 700 Club, Harvest Show and hundreds of radio programs.

Kim is the Publisher of Womeninc Magazine, an inspirational magazine to encourage women to be all they can be in all aspects of their life. She is the organizer and founder of Bloom Conferences, hosting famous Christian speaker to inspire her audiences.

Kim’s mission: Her passion and love is to inspire women to be all God created them to be. She loves to help women realize their own God given beauty within and encourage them to share it fabulously on the outside.

Kim’s desire is to inspire women to share her true self with the world so the world can be blessed by the exact things only she is able to bless it with. It is her belief that the desire to please people can put layers of … I don’t know who I am anymore… junk in us. Kim’s biblical teachings are designed to help women peal back the layers and expose the WOMAN only each one of us were design by God to be. Kim encourages all women to inspire one another with compassion, love and acceptance! Kim’s Network of women is a gathering place to help women WIN at being herself! She believes every woman has a story and life that matters and she is determined to make sure they know it and show it!

What others say about Kim's Information. 

“Thank you, the information was exactly what I needed to see at this very moment. It was literally like it was put there for me.” C.D. 

“Thank you for opening up a whole new light in my heart.” N.B.

“I truly needed to see your site and be reminded God loves me. God accepts me. Thank you.” T.T.

“Thanks for all of the inspiring video that you always share...GOD BLESS…” M.B.

“I was suffering at the hands of a "Christian" when one of your posts jumped out at me...I needed to see your page. Pulled me out of the dark recesses of the hell I was in and gave me a little hope. Just wanted to say, thank you!” A.M.

“I was struggling the past few days and this popped up in my news feed. Thank you!” J.S.

“...I feel hopeless right now..one thing I can hold is to believe the power of God. Thank you for helping me and listening” S.A.

“Thank you For having me!” W.S.

“I had never seen your site before, but been up all night, hadn't slept.... I was just scrolling to pass time & seen something of yours like it was there just for me to see.... Thank you for that blessing, it was just what i needed xoxo” M.N.

“I Hope God Blesses you tremendously. You came through the day or many times that I've had felt rejection. Monday was one of those days. Today is one of those days but you are very inspiring and very hopeful, which makes me regain faith and I appreciate you and I just wanted you to know.” C.W.

“This is true thank you for the power thoughts…” M.B.

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